For more than 20 years, Bellurgan has successfully supported a number of the world's leading medical equipment manufacturers in Europe and the U.S in the development and manufacture of quality medical components.

To date, applications include Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Exotics and Plastic components for inclusion in:

  • Critical Care Medical Ventilators
  • Fluid Management Systems
  • Prosthetics

All medical components supplied by Bellurgan are overseen by our quality team and are controlled to ISO:13485.

Bone screws and ventilators
Prosthetics and fluid management systems


Understanding Our Customers

One of the challenges facing OEM’s today is the sourcing of reliable machine component suppliers that understand the importance of continuous reliable supply. Customers expect to receive orders on time, at the right price and to the drawing and as a customer of Bellurgan, they also know they can turn to our team for support, whatever their challenge.

New Product Introduction

Prior to production commencing, it is crucial that the NPI team from Bellurgan's listen to the product challenges facing our customers at their facility. In the beginning, these little extras are often not documented on specifications however, through shared exchange of machine knowledge and product knowledge, decisions made can contribute to significant savings for the customers. Producing and supplying components that correspond with fit, form and function challenges, will increase production yield.

Bellurgans Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) for new or revised parts ensures that customer specified requirements for part approval are consistently met.


  • Submission and approval of First Article Inspection Reports and samples.
  • Recording and analysis of first off inspection approval.
  • Recording and analysis of in-process manual and computerised inspection by operators and patrol inspectors, the availability of real-time SPC data and periodic machine capability studies, ensures production remains stable and within controlled limits.
  • Final inspection from controlled sample lots.
  • Traceability of material, production batches and inspection results are all controlled.

Stores and Shipping

At Bellurgan we are flexible to the needs of our customers, we recognise that no one solution fits all supply chain problems. At Bellurgan we agree all storage and shipping requirements with our customer; this in some cases has led to Supplier managed inventory (SMI) solutions been implemented across a range of industries. Through the combined use of Customer Web portals,  EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) , barcoding solutions and a trusted network of freight carriers,  Bellurgan has developed a set of standards which allows us to exchange data seamlessly to ensure accurate and efficient shipping transactions take place .